Our Members and Supporters

Alan Haines, Wetherby GC, (14)
Chris Birch, Maxstoke Park and West Middlesex GCs, (10)

with Frank McCabe and Ray Whittle

Dave Abbey, Bedale GC, (14)
Karen Walker, Willesley Park GC, (18)

with Sep Langenberger and Suzanne Shiels

Barry Ingham, Southport GC, (24)
Suzanne Shiels, Breadsall Priory GC, (16)
David Beecham

Currently between Clubs (26). Oulton Hall or Whitwood are the nearest to new home. 

Mike May

Member of Harewood Downs GC, Bucks with a current handicap  of 10.0. BLHGA Captain in 2016, and and a current Committee Member. A member since 1978. Has attended 16 World Championships. A previous winner of both the Bob Charles and Malcolmson trophies.

Jon Tune

Member at St Andrews and Stockport (7). Won the Bob Charles Trophy many times (but not as many as his Dad!) – Travels more than the webmaster (and that takes some doing!)

John Gatenby

Member at Bedale GC (14) – Been a member of BLHGA since 1997. Loves PortPatrick and entrepreneur extraodinaire! 

Rick Cameron

Member at West Middlesex GC (14) – Been a member of BLHGA since 1980’s. Cricket fanatic and once an MCC member!