Committee 2024

Those that make things happen!

Malcolm Driver Captain 2024

Plays at The Leicestershire, apparently THE Home of Golf. Has been a member of the BLHGA for fewer years than it seems, and he is committed to its future as our new recruitment guru. In his year as Captain, he aims to grow our active membership with some focus on those slightly more youthful. 

Hywel Benjamin, Vice Captain 2024

Member at Mickleover GC. Member of the BLHGA for 7 years. Former Sale Rugby player and also the master baker behind Mr Kipling’s cakes. 

Frank McCabe, Chairman

Born 1938 in County Down and have lived in Derby since 1952. In 1968 became a member of CHEVIN GOLF CLUB, Captain 1980. Joined ASHBOURNE GOLF CLUB in 1992, Captain 2002.  Held the position of both Captain and President of the BLHGA  as well as being Captain of the ULSTER Left Handed Golfers.

Alan Haines, Secretary and Treasurer

I joined the British Left Handers in 1975. My first visit to Portpatrick came in the following year and I’m very pleased to report I’ve not missed a fixture there since that time. Captain of the BLHGA twice (1986 & 2012) and was President in 1992. Secretary since1995 and going strong.


Chris Birch, President and Webmaster

Chris plays golf at North Warwickshire and Royal Sutton Coldfield in the Midlands and at West Middlesex in London (9). He joined the BLHGA in 1985 at the Forest of Arden. He was Captain in 2015, when he also won the Bob Charles Trophy. His grandfather and father were lefties as is his son.

John Carter, Committee Member

John plays golf at Buckingham and has been a member of BLHGA for many years.

Phil Sharman, Committee Member

Member at Sicklehome

Harold Adkin, Committee Member

Member at Charnwood Forest 

Keith Edge, Committee Member

I have been a member of Willesley Park Golf Club since 1987, when I retired from Cricket. I’ve been with the BLHGA since 2004 subsequently becoming a regular both in England and at Portpatrick. I am privileged to have been Captain in 2013 and President 2023.

Tony Broadhurst, Committee Member

Started playing golf 1971, joining Ashbourne Golf Club. Joined B.L.H.G.A. in 1989 and was Captain in 2002 and President in 2011/2012. I was President of W.A.L.G for 2012 when we organised the  21st  World Championship in Scotland. I am now leading on the 2025 World Champs in the North West.

Ron Walker, Committee Member

Member at Willesley Park

Mike May, Committee Member

I am a member of Harewood Downs GC. I joined BLHG in 1979 and was Captain 2016. BLHGA welcomes players of all abilities and play some amazing courses. BLHGA is also part of the World Association, meaning there are opportunities to play in some wonderful countries.

Dave Abbey, Committee Member

I started playing golf when I became a member of Fulford GC in York from 1978 until 1992. I have been a member of Bedale GC since 1987. I’ve been a member of the BLHGA since 1989.